Wan Zabidee B. Wan Ariffin

Ketua Pusat Bahasa

Holds a BBA (Hons.) International Business (UUM) and Dip. In Edu (TESL) besides having completed the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) advance level certificate from Amset College.

Prior to his attachment to ICT, he had worked in Sony Perai, Seagate Pg., both as supervisors, as a teaching assistant in SMKA Kerian, Tutor at KDU, and as Teaching assistant at MRSM Pondok Upeh, Balik Pulau.

He oversees the language courses taught and develops short courses, including for foreign students. His mission, among others is to produce graduates; going through the mill, to be competent and proficient in Second Language, particularly English, in order to fit and match the demands of future employment scenario.

His tasks involve continuously revising and enhancing the content and delivery of English courses, in order to trigger and create a lasting awareness of the importance of being a multi-lingual and multi-tasking graduates, who is able to embrace the domain of professionalism.

He is in the initial stage of pursuing his MSC in IUMW (Malaya Wales) program.


We envisage to mould and craft the ‘going –through-the-mill’ roadmap for the students by galvanizing the talents and strategically preparing the graduates in facing the ever changing landscape of employability.

We strongly believe that a well -blended hybrid kind of model, the enablers, or ‘what it takes’ is critically significant in order for the students to serve and deliver back to the society in fulfilling and meaningfully fill the gaps of knowledge. That approach will, hopefully, serves as a platform for the future graduates to survive and sustain in the digital era.

The language unit serves to produce multi-lingual graduates, proficient in all domains of discourses, and is able to, in a seamless manner, incorporate disruptive innovativeness in reaching out for success, while at the same time able to fix and understand the underpinning pillars of sustainability, all of which is attainable by acquiring and mastering the language of victory: education itself.

Wan Zabidee B. Wan Ariffin
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