Nor Idayu Bt. Mohd Shafii

Ketua Program Pengurusan & Perdagangan

Holds a Bachelor of Business  Administration (Hons.) – International Trade (UPM) and an MBA (USM), is currently the Head of the Industrial and Management Program.

She overlooks the Industrial and societal engagement of the students and ensures that events and activities that are being carried out are meaningful in order to narrow the gap between the industry and academia. Her almost ten years at ICT has given her the holistic view of ICT’s milestone roadmap. 

Her experience as a Purchasing Officer at Sanwa RC system and being a lecturer at Info-genius have given her a better insight of the capital and talent development dimension. This blended knowledge and experience enable her to further galvanize the talent, skills and knowledge of the students in fulfilling the demands of future employability trends.

Her deep understanding of generation Y aspirations and needs ultimately coined the word: speed, which she religiously practises in her planning and execution of tasks. 
She is in the initial stage of pursuing her Doctorate with IUMW (Malaya Wales).


ICT akan sentiasa melahirkan graduan yang dapat memenuhi keperluan industri. Kerjasama industri adalah menjadi asas utama dalam pembentukan kursus yang ditawarkan.

Para siswa-siswi perlu sentiasa bersedia dengan sebarang perubahan yang berlaku dalam pasaran. Setiap program pengajian yang ditawarkan akan menjadikan siswa-siswi lebih menfokuskan kepada kecekapan dan keberkesanan ke atas setiap pembuatan keputusan.

Nor Idayu Bt. Mohd Shafii
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