Muhamat Fuat B. Hj Hashim

Ketua Pentadbiran & Kawalan Kualiti Akademik

Holds a Bachelor of Business Management (Hons.) – Finance (USM) and an MBA (USM). Has been in ICT for more than 14 years. The quality of academic operations is the main and core mission of ICT in providing affordable and sustainable education.

He is currently designing and implementing a quality system for the operations and governance of ICT, including academics matters. 
He also plans and strategically executes marketing, promotional and students’ intake blueprint.

His mission and objective is to achieve an enrollment figure that will elevate ICT to a higher plain. His other goals is to create and establish a workable system of networking that will enable the alumni to function as a platform, and to link the industry and ICT, in a more productive and contributory manner. 

His vast networking with the various government and non-governmental agencies has had facilitated the marketing efforts in, among others, securing foreign students for ICT programs and short courses.

His continuous cost-cutting efforts enveloped in a regimented and disciplined approach, have firmly established the academic as well as the marketing and promotional unit as a synergized function of ICT. He is in the early stages of pursuing his Phd. by enrolling in the IUMW (Malaya Wales) program.


Menjadi hasrat ICT untuk sentiasa memastikan segala yang di usahakan adalah dengan jaminan kualiti yang telah ditetapkan oleh agensi yang berkaitan dengan jaminan kualiti.

ICT juga akan terus menjalinkan usahasama strategik dalam peningkatan kualiti pengajaran dan pembelajaran supaya dapat melahirkan kualiti graduan yang holistik dan berdaya saing.

Justeru adalah komitmen ICT untuk sentiasa terus relevan dalam melahirkan graduan yang bukan sahaja memenuhi piawaian tetapi memacu kelestrarian pendidikan tinggi negara.

Muhamat Fuat B. Hj Hashim
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