Izzarul Amira Binti Nasir Putra

Ketua Program Komunikasi dan Media

Obtained her first degree from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) Kampus Induk Penang in Bachelor of Communication (Honours) in Persuasive Communication and undergoing by being a post graduate holder in Master of Arts (Communication) in University Sains Malaysia (USM).

Started her lecturing experience in Island College of Technology in 2014 by teaching Ethics in Media Industry and Human Communication where she has a mass ability and experience in it.

Her strong credentials and vast experience in education has mounted a spiral effect on ICT, particularly in the communication field. Her strong ability in observing and evaluating people behaviour and attitude has granted her the post she deserves today with her experience being a minor in psychology.

The Communication Program came with a reason to give and provide knowledge about the basic theory and a practical technique.

Her experience being a Public Relation Executive Officer in a Pharmaceutical Company has given her a better hand in handling an exceeding amount of staff.

This blended knowledge and experience has enabled her to combine the interlace talent and the expertism in the corporate communication field and at the same time has the ability and the self-capacity in the management system.

Izzarul Amira Binti Nasir Putra
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