Haniza Binti Hussin

Ketua Program Teknologi Maklumat & Pengkomputeraan

Holds a Bachelor of Computer Science, major in Networking (UPM), is currently the Head of Department for Multimedia and Computer.

She leading the management, improvement and promotion of IT programme. She is responsible as a common point of contact for IT students, academic staff and administration. She will be ensuring that the IT courses is in compliance with legal obligations pertaining to the programme and professional accreditation.

She has been in ICT for almost 13 years and had been attended various courses in the field of teaching and technical education. Her experience as a lecturer, curriculum developer, final project supervisor and short courses facilitator had given her to adopt analytical and practical approach to well synchronize in thoughts, actions and the vision of the college.

She is currently pursuing her Master of Instructional Multimedia in USM under Centre of Instructional Technology and Multimedia.


ICT berupaya melahirkan graduan yang berdaya saing dalam bidang teknologi maklumat seiring dengan letusan teknologi komputer yang kian meluas. Graduan yang berinovatif dan berteknologi akan dapat memenuhi keperluan semua sektor pekerjaan.

Kursus yang ditawarkan mengikut standard industri menjadikan graduan dalam bidang teknologi maklumat ICT dapat memenuhi aspek teori dan teknikal. Seterusnya menjadikan mereka belia yang berkemahiran tinggi dalam bidang pengkomputeran.

Haniza Binti Hussin
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