Che Ramah Bt Che Soh

Ketua Operasi Akademik Dan Ijazah

Holds a BSc. (Hons.) (USM) and in charge of the planning and administrating of work load as well as the class and program scheduling for ICT.

She has been in ICT for almost 14 years and had been in various Transformation Programs of the college. She is also the liaison officer in ensuring that external programs are properly carried and conducted so as in meeting with the stipulated benchmark and expectations as the programs involved.

She is involved in the quality aspects of academic matters as well as in developing new strategic alliances with potential partners to diversity the base of offering ICT’s programs and courses. She is currently in the initial stages of pursuing her MBA ( IT) with IUMW (Malaya Wales) program.


ICT akan sentiasa bersedia untuk menjalinkan rakan kerjasama akademik samada tempatan mahupun antarabangsa. Setiap peningkatan dalam hubungan kerjasama akademik akan terus membawa ICT ke destinasi yang lebih dinamik.

Ini sekaligus dapat menjadikan ICT sebagai pilihan pusat pengajian tinggi terulung negara.

Che Ramah Bt Che Soh
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